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George Yehouessi

"Faith the size of mustard seed can move mountains."

George Kossi Yehouessi is the executive director for Revo Education, an educational software development company based in Accra, Ghana. He is also the founder of Cubix Ghana, a company with diverse investment portfolio in IT related hardware procurement, Cannabis and Real Estate.

Born in Accra, George earned an MSc in Business Marketing at the Central University in Accra. In 2008, he joined Ellipse Communication in the republic of Togo, after gaining valuable experience with the telecommunication company, M TN, in Ghana. Working as the Assistant Head of Creative and Content Development within Ellipse, he moved on to Moov, a French base telecommunication company, in Togo. As Commercial Director of Moov in Togo, he ran point on operations in Benin and Abidjan.

Later in his career, George, became the Chief Operation Officer for RLG, an electronic consumer brand in Ghana where he led brand transformation initiatives in Ghana and further expanded the company into Lagos and Gambia respectively.

Brand building, sales, and consumer-centric programming is a 4th language to George. He holds SHOKi near and dear to his heart. Drives the mission forward with strategic planning and partnership building through his affiliations with several hemp and cannabis business associations across the African continent.

SHOKi is a bridge between wellness, cannabis, the culinary world, and its cultural intersection with the Afro-Caribbean diaspora. George is thrilled to be a part of the journey.