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About Us

Our Founders.


Our Story.

SHOKi Bev is a vision forged in Ghana, brought to life in the republic of Brooklyn and manufactured in CA, NJ, and NY. Created by Black women passionate about holistic healing, travel, wine, cocktails, cannabis, and amazing food. We’re a team of educators, mothers, community organizers, and business professionals with a responsibility to uplift and protect our community through inclusive commerce and unapologetic activism.

Our Why.




Representation matters. Period. The “War on Drugs” stole fathers, sons, brothers, mothers, daughters, and sisters from Black and Brown communities all over this country. The outrageous bail bond system keeps innocent people in jail, exploits the undeserved, disrupts stable employment, and facilitates crippling duress for families that can’t get back to work and earn critical income. Little has changed for black and brown people despite legislative improvements. Minorities remain the most policed, arrested, and disenfranchised groups in this political system. Conflicting laws, a difficult and complex court system, lack of access to financial resources and influential networks, means not everyone gets their fair share on the road to achieving the American Dream. Further, across many industries in this great nation, Black and Brown people make up only a fraction of leadership roles in major companies. We raise the least amount of capital though we pitch and build companies just as fast as other groups.

Our goal is to ensure that we support political and economic measures that work to drive equity in every industry, especially the food and cannabis industries. Diversity of ethnicity, gender, thought, and world view can only make us stronger. We are committed to being a symbol of hope, and to standing in the gap for those in search of opportunity.