Our Story.

Our Story.


SHOKi Bev is a vision forged in Ghana, brought to life in the republic of Brooklyn and manufactured in CA, NJ, and NY. Created by Black women passionate about holistic healing, travel, wine, cocktails, cannabis, and amazing food. We’re a team of educators, mothers, community organizers, and business professionals with a responsibility to uplift and protect our community through inclusive commerce and unapologetic activism.


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On a fateful trip to Ghana in 2017, we spent time with friends, drank Palm Wine, Club beer, ate Red Red, determined that Ghana makes the best Jollof rice and discovered herbs that launched us out of this world. When we got back to New York in 2018, we vowed to stay connected to the family, flavors, laughs, smells, and sounds of that dynamic experience. Later that year, some questions led us to friends in Denver and the rest is a wild ride of history

SHOKi was designed to excite the senses and complement the joys of responsible indulgence. Every bottle is made with love and all-natural fruit juices and spices. In California, our non-alcoholic line of mixers is infused with high quality herbal extracts to provide a fun and fast-acting retreat to bookend your days. #TRIBESHOKI to the world!